The Booth ID team is excited to announce that FeedbackFruits is out of pilot phase, and the Group Member Evaluation tool will be permanently available. Feedback Fruits simplifies the process of soliciting and distributing feedback in many classroom contexts, and integrates fully with Canvas.

Using the Group Member Evaluation tool, students review their fellow group members after an assignment to help the instructors identify high performers, free riders, and to give feedback on each others’ group work skills, based on entirely customizable criteria. These results can also be used to help determine individualized grades on group projects, and it all can flow automatically into the Canvas grade book. Below is a short video about some of the benefits and features of Group Member Evaluation:

For a more in depth look at the tools and their benefits, one of our pilot partners, Clinical Professor of Marketing Art Middlebrooks, gave this short testimonial about his experience with Group Member Evaluation during the pilot phase.

For more information on these tools, contact the Booth ID team to schedule a demo or set up a design meeting, or check out the Quick Links section for additional information.

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