How to Create a Group Member Evaluation Assignment

Step-by-step instructions to create a new Group Member Evaluation assignment in Canvas using FeedbackFruits


  1. If you have not already, make sure your students have been placed in groups in Canvas. For instructions on creating groups and group sets, click here.
  2. Create a new Assignment in Canvas and name it as you normally would. Do NOT use the Canvas assignment instructions text field; we will add instructions directly in FeedbackFruits.
  3. Set the point value of the assignment, and place it in an assignment group if you use them.
  4. Choose submission type of External Tool from the drop down menu, and then click the Find button.
Submission type menu in Canvas assignment




5. In the light box that opens, choose FeedbackFruits from the list.




6. In the FeedbackFruits dashboard that opens, click on either Group Member Evaluation (red box) to create a survey from scratch, or choose from the templates on the right hand side (green box).
Configure External Tool Lightbox
FeedbackFruits creation dashboard
7. You will be prompted to choose which group set to link your evaluation to. Be sure to choose the group set that students used to submit their assignments, or that you created in step 1. Note that you can expand group sets and contained groups using the caret icon and Expand All button.
FeedbackFruits link groups screen
  1. Name your group member evaluation. We recommend matching this to the assignment name in Canvas, but it can also be named so you can easily keep track of which assessment is which in your ‘Recent’ list in the creation wizard above.
  2. Enter instructions, and create or modify your assessment as necessary. For instructions on all the options available, click here.
  3. To complete the assignment, click the purple Save button in the upper right. You will be taken back to the ‘Configure External Tool’ light box from step 5. Click the burgundy Select button.
  4. You are now returned to the Canvas assignment interface. Scroll to the bottom of the assignment and choose either Save or Save and Publish.
Finalize the Configure External Tool Field by pressing the Select button
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