Mid-Quarter Course Feedback Program

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Mid-Quarter Course Feedback Program is a voluntary, confidential, and formative process that assists faculty in collecting anonymous student feedback partway through the course when there is still time to make adjustments. Please see below for more information on the program.

How does it work?

After you sign up for the program, we create a mid-quarter course feedback survey and send you the survey link to share with your students.

We then monitor the survey, notify you of the response rate, and close the survey after a few days.

Finally, we meet with you briefly to share a feedback report with student comments.

Survey Questions

The Mid-Quarter Course Feedback Program survey has two open-ended, qualitative questions:

  • What is working well for you in this course?
  • How could this course better support your learning?

If you prefer to ask specific questions to your students, we can add one or two questions that you would like to ask separately. For example, when you incorporate a new case or a simulation into your class and you want specific feedback on those course materials. We can also include some quantitative questions (Likert Scale).

When to implement?

Mid-Quarter Course Feedback Program provides information on what is working and what could be improved while the course is still in progress. Ideally, the survey should be distributed during the third or fourth week of the quarter, but we can accommodate surveys with different time frames.

Mid-Quarter Course Feedback

Contact Booth Instructional Design to participate in the program.

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